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  • Setting the agenda for social science research on the human microbiome 

    Fortané, Nicolas; Singer, Andrew; Roberts, Adam; Raymond, Stéphanie; Podolsky, Scott; Outterson, Kevin; Nayiga, Susan; Lezaun, Javier; Hoffman, Steven; Hinchliffe, Stephen; Gradmann, Christoph; Frost, Isabel; Pinto Ferreira, Jorge; Chuengsatiansup, Komatra; Broom, Alex; Atkinson, Paul; Kirchhelle, Claas (2020) Article accepté pour publication ou publié
  • Setting the standard: multidisciplinary hallmarks for structural, equitable and tracked antibiotic policy 

    Atkinson, Paul; Broom, Alex; Chandler, Clare; Chuengsatiansup, Komatra; Fortané, Nicolas; Frost, Isabel; Gradmann, Christoph; Hinchliffe, Stephen; Hoffman, Steven; Kirchhelle, Claas; Lezaun, Javier; Nayiga, Susan; Outterson, Kevin; Podolsky, Scott; Raymond, Stéphanie; Roberts, Adam; Singer, Andrew; So, Anthony; Sringernyuang, Luechai; Tayler, Elizabeth; Pinto Ferreira, Jorge; Van Katwyk, Susan (2020) Article accepté pour publication ou publié