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dc.contributor.authorBorne, Sylvie
dc.contributor.authorGabrel, Virginie
dc.contributor.authorMahjoub, Ali Ridha
dc.contributor.authorTaktak, Raouia
dc.subjectIP-over-optical networken
dc.titleDesign of Multilayer Survivable Optical Networksen
dc.typeCommunication / Conférence
dc.description.abstractenWith the explosive growth of traffic data, telecommunication networks have evolved toward a multilayer architecture with high-speed routers interconnected by intelligent optical core networks. This architecture must be sufficiently survivable so that network services can be restored in the event of a catastrophic failure. In this paper, we consider the following survivable IPover- optical network design problem. Given a set of traffic demands and two node-disjoint paths routing each demand in the IP layer, the problem is to find for each demand two node-disjoint paths in the optical layer going through the optical switches corresponding to the routers visited in the paths of the IP layer and respecting the same order. We give two integer programming formulations for the problem. The first one uses the cut constraints and the second is a path-based formulation. We discuss the pricing problem for the latter and present some preliminary computational results. We also discuss the polyhedron associated with the cut formulation.en
dc.subject.ddclabelInformatique généraleen
dc.relation.conftitleISCO International Symposium on Combinatorial Optimizationen

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