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dc.contributor.authorMunnier, Alexandre
dc.contributor.authorGlass, Olivier
dc.subjectFluid dynamicsen
dc.subjectDynamics of a point vortexen
dc.titleDynamics of a point vortex as limits of a shrinking solid in an irrotational fluiden
dc.typeDocument de travail / Working paper
dc.contributor.editoruniversityotherLaboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions (LJLL) CNRS : UMR7598 – Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) - Paris VI;France
dc.contributor.editoruniversityotherCORIDA (INRIA Nancy - Grand Est / IECN / LMAM) INRIA – CNRS : UMR7502 – Université de Lorraine;France
dc.description.abstractenWe consider the motion of a rigid body immersed in a two-dimensional perfect fluid. The fluid is assumed to be irrotational and confined in a bounded domain. We prove that when the body shrinks to a point wise massless particle with fixed circulation, its dynamics in the limit is given by the point vortex equation. As a byproduct of our analysis we also prove that when the body shrinks with a fixed mass the limit equation is a second-order differential equation involving a Kutta-Joukowski-type lift force, which extends the result of [Glass O., Lacave C., Sueur F., On the motion of a small body immersed in a two dimensional incompressible perfect fluid. {Preprint 2011}, to appear in Bull. Soc. Math. France. {\tt arXiv:1104.5404}] to the case where the domain occupied by the solid-fluid system is bounded.en
dc.publisher.nameUniversité Paris-Dauphineen

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