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dc.contributor.authorBrailly, Julien
dc.subjectRelations interorganisationnellesen
dc.subjectCommunication interpersonnelleen
dc.titleReconstitution and analysis of multi-level networks in an emergent marketen
dc.typeCommunication / Conférence
dc.description.abstractenWe study the construction of an audiovisual market in Africa in terms of a neo-structural multi-level analysis. The individual level is determined by formal ties (meetings) and informal ties (discussions about contracts). The construction of the inter-organizational level corresponds to the process of “coopetition” on this market (coacquisition, coproduction ...). The last level corresponds to all macro-entities relevant for actors. The Linked design analysis allows us to articulate the multiplicity of objectives and resources (personal, organizational or sectoral) that individuals face. In this perspective, we examine first the different levels separately, to capture the structural interrelationships within each of them. The second part of the process involves an articulation of these different levels to understand how the coordination of objectives and resources of different levels determines both the strategies of actors and their performance. The challenge is to understand how these different levels of analysis are articulated to build and operate an emergent market.en
dc.subject.ddclabelSociologie économiqueen
dc.relation.conftitle30th International Sunbelt Social Network Conferenceen

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