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dc.contributor.authorJourda, Marie-Thérèse
dc.contributor.authorFavre, Guillaume
dc.contributor.authorChatellet, Josiane
dc.contributor.authorBrailly, Julien
dc.contributor.authorLazega, Emmanuel
dc.subjectMarché du travailen
dc.subjectEntrepreneurs (économie politique)en
dc.subjectRelations interorganisationnellesen
dc.subjectRéseaux sociauxen
dc.titleDynamics of multilevel networks in market organization : the case of a trade showen
dc.typeCommunication / Conférence
dc.description.abstractenWe present the first steps of a network study of market organization based on the observation and analysis of scheduled meetings between sellers, buyers, distributors, advertisers and producers at an international trade show for television programs. We use a “linked-design” approach in which each level (inter-individual and inter-organizational ) constitutes a specific exchange system of different resources among actors present at this commercial event. We examine levels separately, but also jointly. We raise the issue of the dynamics of such multilevel structures and provide a first approach to such dynamics by looking at individual actors’ trajectories over time in the labor market created by the inter-organizational network of companies represented at this fair.en
dc.subject.ddclabelSociologie économiqueen
dc.relation.conftitle30th International Sunbelt Social Network Conferenceen

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